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Replacement of faucet, toilet & sink - Plumber24

Replacement of Faucet

There are lots of mixers for bathrooms, washrooms and kitchens to choose from. When you want to redo the kitchen or freshen up the laundry room or rebuild the bathroom, it is worth spending time researching which mixer would suit both the style of the bathroom or the kitchen, but also the cost of the mixer should be included in the wallet.

Faucet for bathroom

A bathroom usually has at least two mixers. Some bathrooms have an empty double sink with two washbasin mixers and separate shower mixers and bath mixers. An advantage in terms of appearance, handling and maintenance is to choose mixers from a manufacturer in the same series.

Shower Faucet

Since it is showers that consume the most domestic water, it can be profitable to change the mixer in the shower even if the old one is not bad. New shower mixers can save a lot of energy, environment and money.

There are many mixers that are good for the environment, even for the sink, which saves the environment and money.

Shower mixer is the mixer that gets the dirtiest also because it easily splashes with both soap and dirt on the mixer. Therefore, it may be a good idea to consider choosing a mixer that you can easily clean and keep neat and clean.


Bath Faucet

A bathtub mixer can change the look of your bathroom quite a lot. If you bathe a lot, however, there is no environmental or economic argument to change mixers because you need as much and as hot water as before.


Shower nozzles

There are very many shower nozzles or shower handles. All shower hoses can be connected to all mixers so you do not have to replace both mixer and shower handle at the same time.

An important thing when buying shower handles is to buy something for which there are spare parts later because not all shower handles fit all shower rods. So even if the mixer lasts for 20 years, you may have to buy a new shower rod if the handle has broken, which means that you may need to drill new holes in the wall and the risk of water damage increases.


Washbasin Faucet

Washbasin mixers are the mixers used in the washroom and these can also be called sink mixers. The washbasin mixer is available in many classic but also with exciting designs.

Something that has become more common in washbasin mixers is to have automatic mixers that start the water when the hand comes one decimeter from the mixer. This is partly energy-saving but also hygienic. An automatic mixer works for about 3 years before the battery needs to be replaced. However, it is not always practical with automatic mixers, e.g. if you want to be able to control the temperature or fill the sink with water.


Faucet for the kitchen

The mixers for the kitchen are the most exclusive and expensive mixers available. This is partly due to the fact that the function can be more advanced, such as extendable blow out of the nozzle or connection of a dishwasher. The kitchen mixers are also the mixers that are most difficult to design because they often have a prominent place in the house, especially if they are located on a kitchen island.


Faucet for laundry room

The most important thing about a mixer in a laundry room or in a main entrance is that the mixer is functional and easy to keep clean from dirt.


Manufacturer of Faucet for bath, washbasin or shower

There are several large Swedish manufacturers of mixers . An advantage of buying a Swedish-made kitchen mixer or shower mixer is not only that it creates jobs in Sweden but also that the mixer is adapted to the Swedish water, which in some places is calcareous that can clog other mixers. In addition, it is possible to find cheap spare parts and gaskets for the mixers for a very long time to come, which is impossible to find for some new mixers.

  • FM Mattsson – Largest mixer in Sweden and has been around since 1865
  • Hansgrohe – Well-designed kitchen mixers and bathroom mixers from Germany since 1901
  • Mora Armatur – Very large player in mixers for kitchens and bathrooms since 1927

How To Replace or Install a Toilet

It is completely allowed to change the toilet seat yourself, but it must be in the same place as your old toilet seat

You must not pull new pipes or move the chair in any way.

A toilet change requires some tools, but most have the handy person at home.

Replacing the sink

We offer renovation of bathrooms and wet rooms. Our customers are housing associations and private individuals.

We help you replace your damaged or old sink quickly and easily.

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Wikipedia information about Tap_(valve)

Tap (valve) A tap (also spigot or faucet: see usage variations) is a valve controlling the release of a fluid.

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  • nozzle, valve, hydrant, spout, stopcock, tap