How to replace old plumbing pipes? - Plumber24

How to replace old plumbing pipes - Plumber24

What does replace old plumbing pipes mean?

Trunk replacement means that pipes and pipes are replaced, often where waste and wastewater are collected in large buildings. By trunks is meant all the main pipes in the property such as ventilation ducts, electricity and telephone lines and heating pipes.

Recurring moisture damage, high energy and water consumption and increased insurance premiums are usually the reasons why you choose to carry out a trunk change with wet room renovation. It may also be the case that the residents make demands for modernly equipped and furnished wet rooms, which also plays a role.

The reason for performing strain changes is because the strains have a limited lifespan of about 40-60 years. A trunk replacement is a major operation that usually involves a major wet room renovation. It is a work process that requires careful planning and takes a long time. Everything from a week to several months. But of course the positive wins the battle over the negative. Because after the trunk change, you get new modern installations that will last for several years to come, which usually increases the value of the property. In addition, you significantly reduce the risk that your property would suffer any water damage and increase the function of the building.

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What does pipe change mean?

  • replacement of the pipe trunks in a building