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Quote and price proposal for plumbing - Plumber24

How does a quotation service for plumbers work?

A quotation service for plumbers is a service that helps private individuals and companies to receive quotes from several different plumbing fitters without them having to contact everyone. It is free for the consumer because the companies that participate in the service pay a certain amount to access your quote request.


A private person in Bangalore wants help with pulling pipes in his bathroom. The person goes to the quotation service’s website and states that it is a plumber who is wanted, that it is in Bangalore that help is needed. Then a detailed description is written of what needs to be done so that the plumber can give a fair quote.

Quotations will begin to be delivered to the person within a few days. In addition to plumbers from Bangalore, other plumbing fitters from the Bangalore area can also choose to answer, especially if it involves a larger work. Many plumbers are willing to travel a longer distance if it involves a larger work.

Then the person can choose the offer that gives the most favorable price for what the person needs.


A big advantage of this service is that you get answers quickly from several different plumbers without having to contact them yourself and you only need to describe what you are looking for once instead of repeating it for each individual company. In addition, you can save thousands between different companies so it is advantageous to be able to compare.


A disadvantage of the service is that not all plumbers are involved. If only five plumbers / plumbers use the service and some of them either do not want the job or do not have time, it can mean that you only get a comparison from one or two companies.

In addition, some major well-known companies do not want to participate in these services that cost money. Well-known companies with a good reputation may not want to pay money to get customers who primarily want to compare prices.

If you are only interested in the price, this service can be useful. However, you should be prepared to possibly supplement the information by contacting a couple of plumbing companies on your own. Through it, one can get a better picture of price level and service in comparison to other companies in the plumbing industry.

How do plumbers decide what to charge?

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