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Questions and answers

What does HVAC mean?

The abbreviation VVS stands for heating, ventilation and sanitation.

HVAC includes systems for sewers and water supply in properties, with monitoring and control systems for this.

Other systems that go under HVAC are compressed air and gases in hospitals and industries, as well as systems for fire protection with the help of water sprinklers.

In the USA, both the abbreviation HVAC is used, which stands for heating, ventilating and air conditioning, as well as the word plumbing as a collective name for what we in Sweden call HVAC.

What does an plumber installer do?

A plumbing installer works with installation and repair of heating systems, water systems and drains.

The plumber thus has the same tasks as those previously called plumbers or plumbers.

The plumbing installers often have a very high level of technical competence and have completed a vocational upper secondary education.

As a plumbing installer, you can work in several different ways. Some work on new buildings, others work on renovations at the homes of private individuals or at larger facilities.

It is also common to work with plumbing service and rush out to houses and homes if something goes wrong.

What plumbing work can you do yourself?

You can do several plumbing work yourself. For example, replace bathroom crockery and install supply air valves. But you must not do everything yourself. See our lists of what you can do yourself.

However, many major plumbing jobs require the consultation of an expert who you will find in our list of plumbing companies.

We always recommend that you seek the help of a professional, regardless of whether it is allowed to do the work yourself or not.

What you can also think about is choosing good products. If, for example, you are buying a kitchen faucet, we recommend buying from a quality brand (Tapwell, FM Mattsson, etc.), preferably from a wholesaler with expertise in kitchen faucets. It may be a little more expensive, but can not be measured with the costs of a possible water leak due to. a bad mixer.

In addition, some fitters do not work with inferior mixers from, for example, Ikea or other companies that do not sell these quality brands. When it comes to plumbing, you should never be stingy.

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